Aaron worked as a pastor for 22 years in California.  During that time he wrote books on marriage and the Enneagram and developed a unique coaching system called Soul Architecture.  Aaron has also been the co-host of the Pirate Monk Podcast since 2010, where he and Nate Larkin have explored recovery themes and have interviewed experts in the field of addiction recovery.  At the end of 2018, Aaron and his family relocated to Tennessee where he began coaching men and women full time.  His unique style of coaching has helped hundreds of people move from hope to action, and desire to life change.


  • I am abusing alcohol, drugs, or sex to cope with life
  • I have not been able to consistently maintain sobriety / I have a desire to quit but can't
  •  I am struggling to stay connected and present with those I am in relationship with
  • I do not know how to help my loved one who is struggling with addiction
  • I have suffered trauma
  • I have lost things that were important to me (job, relationship, etc) due to my use of alcohol, drugs, or sex
  • I have a desire to deepen my connection with God and/or others 


To begin your journey, contact Aaron at 615-510-7571, or email him at aaron@aaronportercoaching.com, and set up a time for an initial consultation.  Please submit your basic information by clicking the intake information below.


Coaching sessions are remote using the Zoom video conference app, which is free for your phone or computer. This enables flexibility for your schedule and drive time, and keeps costs down. 

Which of These Four Types of Coaching Are Right For You

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For more in-depth information, check out these podcasts with Aaron explaining coaching and Soul Architecture.

We All Need a Coach

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